Sagip Community Life Center (SAGIP CLC) Opens its Doors to Sampaloc

Sagip CLC had its formal opening last Sunday, 6 January 2018. The short program held at the clinic at the ground floor of the Trinorma Dormitory Building commenced with a ceremonial ribbon cutting led by one of the community members, Tatay Edong, followed by Pastor Abe Navarette and Pastor Dave Trinidad and Sagip board members Jean Fornoles and Dr. Beth Miana. Pastor Abe then lead the group in responsive prayer for the facility and the community.

Everyone shared in thanksgiving and praises as Dr. Richard Trinidad recounted the journey of Sagip from a vision out of a “dislocated heart for the poor” to the clinic everyone was seeing that day. It was a road full of miracles and affirmations of God’s faithfulness and His call to share the good news to the poor. Dr. Richard also emphasized that Sagip aims not just to be an ordinary clinic but a center that connects to people to bring them to Jesus.

Ms. Jean Fornoles then went on to recognize Sagip’s ministry partners, the many hands and hearts who willingly shared their resources to see the vision to its fulfillment. Among Sagip’s main partners are the Mary Johnston Hospital which will be the clinic’s referral center for patients needing hospital care and the Department of Social Welfare and Development who will be providing the names and locations of health care recipients.

Before everyone broke up for the prayer tour and refreshments, Pastor Dave Trinidad gave a short message on “Sagip-giving” saying that at its very heart is grace giving. This kind of giving is only possible, not because we are rich but because we have been enabled by the only real life-giver, Jesus Christ.

Looking at the merry faces of those in attendance, one can see how Sagip truly is a community endeavor. None can know nor limit those that contributed who came from different backgrounds and in various places both near and far— there was Dr. Glen, the CEO of Mary Johnston Hospital, Anamy Mijares and the community mothers who first did the community health survey, those that worked in the construction and building, promotional materials, upkeep and a myriad other little tasks, and the Sagip leaders who caught the vision and took those first steps of faith. Each can give because they have first been, in Pastor Dave’s term, Sagip-ed, saved and enabled by the overflowing grace of God.

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